Our Story

In the late 1980′s the founder of Metro Custom Dyeing began working in a fabric dyeing mill in Poughkeepsie, NY. Only seventeen years old and still in high school, he proved himself to be a dedicated worker and excelled to become a salesman for the company, where he also realized the importance of exceptional customer service. Another thing that he noticed was that the factory had high minimum yardage requirements and slow turnaround times which often frustrated the demanding customers.

One day, while having lunch in the factory, he came up with the idea to start his own company specializing in dyeing samples for the busy design studios in Manhattan, offering an expedient dyeing service with no minimum yardage requirements. At the time there were no creditable companies dyeing multiple-fiber fabrics and trims. The next Summer, Metro Custom Dyeing, Ltd. was born.

He advertised the fledgling Metro Custom Dyeing by taking the bus to New York City and selling its services door-to-door in the garment district. The news of the unique concept and superior quality spread quickly, and soon companies like Victoria’s Secret and Calvin Klein were demanding their services. We knew that short time lines and high quality dyeing were albeit crucial with our customers, so we decided to move the dyeing facility to the heart of the Garment District in New York City. Shortly after moving, Metro Custom Dyeing was lauded as the premier sample dyeing service to Manhattan’s most prestigious design studios, and still is today.

In 2007 after careful consideration, we decided to take advantage of our unique experience in dyeing and expand our array of services to individual garment dyeing available to the general public, including dress dyeing service. We saw an increasing need to dye individual garments for just about every walk of life, from Saturday Night Live calling with a last minute need to change the color of a pair of booties for Will Ferrell to a customer in the Midwest looking to revitalize their favorite pair of jeans, Metro Dyeing Service does it.

Since its inception nearly 13 years ago, Metro Custom Dyeing, Ltd. has been built on exceptional customer service, same-day order processing, and the finest fabric dyeing services available to the trade. Though the company hardly resembles its humble beginnings, the dedication to quality remains unchanged: For first class customer service and the most advanced dyeing services available, Metro Custom Dyeing Service, Ltd. is the unparalleled leader in fabric dyeing.

Our Team

Jaret Vasallo - Head Dyer
As our Head Dyer, Jaret oversees all things color related at Metro Dyeing. True color and excellence unite in an expertise that draws directly from Jaret’s 11 years of experience in the dyeing trade.
Jaret collaborates with some of the most innovative, creative and brilliant minds in fashion to create real life masterpieces on every fabric imaginable. Jaret has successfully balanced “the customer’s vision” with the finished product; a goal that mirrors every one of our clients needs. Over the past decade at Metro Dyeing, Jaret has developed a loyal clientele who count on his expertise to assist them with their custom dyeing needs.
Jaret has played an instrumental role in assisting designers with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Intimate Apparel Market Weeks, runway ensembles, and countless photo shoots.
Jaret’s dyeing expertise have been called on for the personal use of Oscar de larenta, Michelle Obama, Bruce Springsteen, Scarlett Johansson’s Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot, and Ralph Lauren.
Jose Santiago - Assistant Dyer
Jose Santiago assists the head dyer in color formulations and color matching. Jose has a background in color matching and a passion for creating rich vibrant colors to meet our customer’s needs. Jose is the “right hand man” to our head dyer and often works as a liaison to the customer.
Andre Valenzuela - Fashion Designer
Andre uses his experience as a fashion designer to interface with the client’s vision and our dyers extensive color knowledge. With a fashion forward eye for color, Andre is responsible for advising customers of trends, designs, suitable fabrics and, of course, the right color for their project.
Andre’s fashion sense was apparent from an early age when he took an interest in sewing with his family in his native country of Chile. Andre moved to New York City in 2001 to pursue his dream of becoming a fashion designer and is currently studying at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.
Andre is currently working on a vast répertoire of fashion design projects and serves as the in house fashion designer for Metro Dyeing and our affiliate, NyFashionCenterFabrics.com. andre@nyfashioncenter.com 
Vanessa Kercelius - Customer Service
Vanessa is in charge of customer service and customer relations. Assisting customers with projects, providing work time lines, and project inspiration are just some of Vanessa’s daily responsibilities. Vanessa@nyfashioncenter.com 
Eric GreenfieldCFO

Eric Greenfield graduated from New England College with a BA in accounting and computer tech. Eric handles all things accounting related at Metro Dyeing.

Eric Greenfield LinkedIn Profile
Eric Greenfield NYC Accounting