Individual Garment Dyeing

Metro Dyeing, LLC is the leader in dyeing individual garments for the general public. We have been voted the best garment dyer in New York City by NY Magazine in 2010, and have been featured in a number of major publications and television shows. Our twenty plus years of experience servicing the elite fashion design studios in New York City equips us to do shirt dyeing, blouse dyeing, jacket dyeing, clothes dyeing,dress dyeing, jeans dyeing, ombre dyeing, pants dyeing: almost any garment made today. We also do garment washing.

Whether you would like to revitalize an old shirt, or cover a stain from the Pinot Noir that you spilled on your dress at a cocktail party, we can do it. Our dyers have worked with some of the most creative minds in fashion to develop seasonal color trends and have perfected the coloration of individual garments for a multitude of high-profile celebrities. Some of our celebrity clientele include Scarlett Johansson, Bruce Springsteen, Will Smith, Michelle Obama and Maria Sharpanova.

If you would like to send your garment in to be dyed, please click here for complete shipping instructions and pricing. For more information on how different fibers will respond to the dyeing process, please click here

Individual garment dyeing special note: dyeing previously dyed and finished apparel is an arduous process which cannot be scheduled, rushed or planned with precision. Unlike pfd fabrics or greige goods which are predictable to work with, we do not know the composite properties of the fabric. A pre-constructed garment can consist of multiple fibers, which have to be dyed separately, with separate formulas, sometimes with different machines – this takes time. Due to the inherent chemistry of a finished garment there is no way to pre-formulate the dyes and chemicals which will be required to achieve a consistent color match, there is most often no sample to test, almost every job is unique. When our dyers add the dye, they cannot go too dark or the garment will be destroyed, so they often start out light and then adjust the shade slowly until the color is achieved. We do not gurantee turn around times or a garments ability to take dye.

Fabric Reproduction

At Metro Dyeing we have combined our vast resources from around the world to provide fabric sourcing services. If you have a specific fabric that you need reproduced in small or large quantities (50 yards and up), we can reproduce your sample.

We routinely provide fabric sourcing services to leading apparel manufacturers in New York City. Our customers often come to us with last minute needs when they are short on yardage, asking us to produce an exact duplicate to complete their lines and meet production deadlines. We understand the stringent requirements of duplicating a sample: our team has the expertise, knowledge and resources to get the job done right, and on time.

We have relationships with knitting and weaving mills both domestically and overseas that can reproduce virtually any fabric produced. In addition to fabric sourcing capabilities, we can dye custom colors in our facility, or for larger quantities, we can dye and finish in a number of full production dye houses that we have alliances with. We can produce complete package, finished textiles specific to your hand and color requirements.

To learn more about our fabric sourcing capabilities, please call 212.391.1001 or email