Our Team

Our core values and company culture are the glue that binds us.

John Breining

Executive Director

John oversees all things Metro Dyeing, having navigated the journey since its inception over a decade ago. Spending his entire adult life in the textile industry John has amassed a deep understanding of the textile industry, from knitting, cut & sew, dyeing & finishing, manufacturing to distribution.

Nina B.

Creative Director

Nina oversees marketing and digital initiatives.

Craig E.

Master Dyer

Craig has been dyeing fabric and garments for over 25 years. Initially being a lab technician at 19, he is now the head dyer at Metro Dyeing. Besides dyeing things awesome colors, you’ll find him at the gym, mountain biking or hiking. You may have seen Craig on Season 18 Episode 10 of the Bravo hit television show Project Runway teaching the contestants how to tie-dye.

Kate N.

Master Tie Dyer

Kate is a passionate and driven dye technician, who brings an eye for detail and organization to our team. You may have seen Kate on Season 18 Episode 10 of the Bravo hit television show Project Runway teaching the contestants how to tie-dye. When she’s not up to her elbows in a dye vat, she is likely at home under a blanket with her cat Rhodamine, reading a book or watching a movie. Kate spends her free time kayaking, going to the beach, taking road trips, and playing board games with her friends.

Rodney G.

Customer Relations

Rodney was raised in Harlem NYC. He studied Fashion Design at the prestigious Fashion Institute of technology ‘F.I.T.’ in New York City receiving an associates and bachelor’s degree specializing in sportswear with honors. (Rodney is a member of Phi Theta Kappa) Rodney loves the vibrancy the city has to offer. In his free time Rodney loves going to museums and galleries, he feels it connects him with both the relevancy of our industry and the creative spirit we nurture.

Cleubel D.

“Well, I’m Clue. From Uptown, Manhattan (Dyckman). I believe Swag is always a must thing, especially when you’re from NYC. This Fashion Industry was new & different for me when I joined MD in 2015, didn’t know much about it. It can get a bit crazy but it’s always fun cause we’re up for any challenge. From doing lab dips, to dyeing, admin, shipping & more, my team & I have done a bit of everything here. So, Shout Out to All the cool customers I’ve gotten to meet & work with. And remember, Swagger is a must!”

James F.

Dye Team

James is one of our dedicated dyers, working on large production projects and small custom samples alike. Outside the dye house James is am amateur picker and enjoys spending his free time tinkering on his latest finds. He likes to kick back and relax with his family and many lizards.

Katie H.

Customer Relations

Katie began her journey with Metro Dyeing in June 2019 and truly enjoys learning the ins and outs of the fashion industry. In her down time you can find her hanging out with her bunny and cat, at the gym or drinking copious amounts of coffee.

Jon A.

Laboratory Technician

Jon is the newest member of our team, specializing in vat-dyes and tie-dye garment-prepping. He is constantly on the lookout for new skills to add to his eclectic work history, which ranges from artisanal pumpkin carving to teaching abroad, and everything in between. When not dyeing he is either engrossed in a new creative venture, or playing old video games.

Miles Dixon

Miles is obsessed with anything film related. Shooting film, editing, sound you name it. In his spare time he enjoys traveling.