Lab Dip Color Development

Metro Dyeing is at the forefront of color development and lab dip production service. Every fabric dye order we process begins in our dye laboratory, where our dyeing technicians carefully perform lab dip procedures in order to create the perfect dye formula for yardage dyeing. Our modern textile laboratory is equipped with the most advanced laboratory dyeing equipment in the world:

High accuracy launderometer: Required for achieving full color saturation on polyester, acetate, cotton, and synthetic blended fabrics. Once color is fully achieved in laboratory and the customer has approved, the dye recipe is passed to our machine operators to process in our jet dyeing machines.

Atmospheric launderometer: Lab dips for garment dyeing and piece goods dyeing of nylon, silk, linen, rayon, cotton, and other fibers are created using this machine, Once the lab dip is created and approved by customer it is passed to our machine operators to process in one of our beck dyeing or rotary dyeing machines.

Datacolor Spectrophotometer: All lab dips and color matches begin with our spectrophotometer to capture the true spectral fingerprint of any color at the highest possible accuracy with the least metamerism. In conjunction with our jet dyeing machines we routinely match bright, deep, and dark colors on natural and synthetic fibers for major brands with the most stringent color tolerances.

X-Rite Light Booth: Our laboratory is equipped with light boxes for color critical visual assessments under 6 different light sources. Color looks different when lighting changes, which is why controlled lighting is mandatory in the technical dyeing field.

Textile laboratory Services

  • Color standards. Unlimited colors on all substrates
  • Lab dips. Unlimited colors on all substrates
  • Technical matching to spectral tolerances using Datacolor Spectrophotometer. Providing reports to customer.
  • Matching to QTX files (Datacolor's native file format)
  • Yardage dyeing to precisely match approved lab dips
  • 100% filtered water throughout entire dyehouse to maintain exact PH levels and formula consistency during the chain of custody of every job,
  • Testing goods for DWR (durable water repellant), Silicone, Optical Brightener, and other commonly used finishes prior to dyeing yardage.
  • 24-hour service available
  • Returned individually packaged and labeled.
  • Polyester and acetate dyeing
  • Metro Online App for customer collaboration and real time updates on work in progress.

Our laboratory dyeing technicians have completed vigorous certifications and ongoing training to ensure our customers strict requirements are always met. We develop colors for a multitude of clients across the brand and retailer sectors of the textile and fashion industries.

The dye team provide hands on attention to every single textile that passes through our facility. Our dyeing team possess elite degrees in the fundamental principles of fiber formation, wet process dyeing technology, dyeing chemistry, color science, and polymer science.

Laboratory dyeing is an essential component to accurate color matching. In the laboratory our technicians test for preexisting finishes that may affect the fabrics ability to be properly dyed. We test all goods prior to dyeing the yardage to ensure there are no finishes present that may cause defects in the dyeing. This also ensures a highly accurate color match.