“As a longtime customer…….. I have been very pleased with the quality of services that have been provided to me over the years… The services have been fast and consistent and they deliver exactly what I ask for.”

- Abercombe & Fitch

“I would just like to tell you what a pleasure it is doing business with you- the stuff looks great, and you and your team could not be more helpful. It seems, lately, that trying to get anything done is such a challenge, and its nice to work with a group like yours that I can count on to get things done right, and on time (or earlier!!). Please tell your team thank you and Happy New Year.”

- Senior Merchandising Manager

When I need precision color matching and I need it fast, the only company I rely on is Metro Dyeing. Every time I call on John and his team to help me through a crisis, they always come through, time and time again!

- Polo Ralph Lauren

“Your fast and precise dyeing has been instrumental to our ongoing projects, thank you so much.”

- Tommy Woman’s Wear