Powered by a unique customer service culture.

What We Do

At Metro Dyeing, we combine Innovative Fabric Coloring Services woven into modern technology and a unique customer service culture. Our core focus is to deliver accuracy, speed and consistency, which is often critical to the success of our customers. This is why the leading names in fashion and retail partner with Metro Dyeing.

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Highly Specialized in Coloring

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Lab Dips - Color Development

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Great Team Work.

Metro Dyeing is a customer service centric company with a dedicated group of people. We work extremely hard to maintain our position in the fashion industry as the preferred sample dyeing company to many of the leading brands and retailers in New York City and Nationwide.


How We Work

Step 1

Work is received and checked into our CRM online database that is accessed by all our teams. Metro Online is a robust web based software application developed exclusively for Metro Dyeing. Our cutting-edge software has scheduling and order processing functionality combined with notification functions to keep customers up to date as orders are processed.

Step 2

Almost all things begin in the laboratory. Testing fabrics for DWR, optical brightener, and silicon softener are just a few preliminary steps we will take to ensure your goods are dyed exactly to meet your requirements. After these tests we begin the lab dip process, using our Datacolor Spectrophotometer and launderometer’s. Depending on the fiber content and fabrication we will utilize our wide assortment of laboratory dyeing apparatus to dial in the perfect color match meeting the strictest of color tolerances.

Step 3

Once lab dips are approved the formula is passed to our dyeing team and the production dyeing takes place in the production dyeing section of our dye house. Each step is carefully monitored, always adhering to our strict standard operating procedures to ensure highly accurate and consistent results.

Step 4

Once colors are fully achieved they are sent to the finishing department to be dried and reviewed for quality control. If goods pass our strict quality control standards an automated notification is sent to the customer and the goods are packed and prepared for delivery or shipping.

Metro Dyeing embraces a unique company culture that was created by our people, we are a very tight knit team that spans across two locations, our dye house team and sales team in our New York City office.

Knowing Our Customers

We understand the only way to successfully be a service provider to the fashion industry is to know our customers. By taking the time to have a clear understanding of our customers specific needs we can better tailor our services to meet their unique requirements.

Meaningful customer relationships make it possible for our teams to focus on what the customer wants and anticipate their needs.


Testimonials from Our Customers.

Metro Dyeing is the leader in fabric dyeing. Our services are commissioned by a wide variety of clientelle from fashion houses to individuals. Our unique infrastructure enables us to dye garments and Piece goods. Lab dips submitted on all jobs when requested. We also do enzyme washing.

Here is what they have to say.

As a longtime customer…….. I have been very pleased with the quality of services that have been provided to me over the years… The services have been fast and consistent and they deliver exactly what I ask for.

Abercombe & Fitch Design Team
Fabric Development