Lab Dip & Color Development Service

Lab Dips

Metro Dyeing is at the forefront of color development and lab dip production. Our modern textile laboratory is equipped with launderometers, light boxes and a variety of machinery necessary to achieve precision color matching on all substrates. Our lab technicians have completed vigorous certifications and ongoing training to ensure our customers stringent requirements are always met. We develop colors for a multitude of clients across the brand and retailer sectors of the textile and fashion industries.

We understand the importance and never ending pursuit of vibrant accurate colors better than anyone, it is the core of our business.

  • Lab dips 1 to 250 colors on all substrates
  • Yardage dyeing to match approved lab dips
  • 24 hour service available
  • Returned individually packaged and labeled.
  • Polyester and acetate dyeing
  • Convenient Manhattan location
  • Free messenger for expedient service, free pick-up and delivery to Manhattan customers
  • Metro Online App for customer collaboration and real time updates on work in progress.

Metro Dyeing provides lab dip and color development services to a wide variety of clients. We routinely provide lab dip and fabric yardage services to ensure the color match is exactly what our customers are looking for.