Jet Dyeing Information

Jet dyeing machines which were made common in dye houses in the 1970’s were created to eliminate the reel and replace it with a closed tubular system. The jet dyeing machine is much more efficient than atmospheric dye machines and can easily facilitate high temperature – high pressure dyeing which is essential to polyester fabric dyeing and acetate fabric dyeing. A closed tubular mechanism exists where the fabric is placed. To transport the fabric through the tube a jet of dye liquor is supplied by a venturi, this causes the Jet to create turbulence which helps in dye penetration along with preventing the fabric from touching the walls of the tube. As the fabric is often exposed to comparatively higher concentrations of liquor within the transport tube, significantly less dye bath is needed in the bottom of the tank. These machines are often used by an industrial fabric dyeing service for the following reasons:

• Low water consumption

• Short dyeing time

• Can be safely operated at high temperatures and pressure

• Comparatively low liquor ratios

• Fabrics are dyed with very little tension

Commonly used for polyester dyeing, acetate dyeing and cotton dyeing as well as other fabric dyeing.