Fabric Dyeing Service

Fabric Dyeing Service

At Metro Dyeing, we specialize in providing premium fabric dyeing services tailored to your unique needs. Whether you're a fashion designer, textile manufacturer, or industry professional, we're here to bring your colors to life.

Metro Dyeing was designed with a single mission: to color-match piece goods at the strictest tolerance levels possible, as low as 0.5de. This translates into reliable and precise color matches for our customers. We can achieve this because we specialize in dyeing yardages of fabric used as color standards, which will be distributed throughout the supply chain and used to create uniform matches on garments.

Our dye house is equipped with 29 custom dyeing machines in total, all computerized and linked to our spectrophotometer.

We operate with very low minimum quantity requirements capable of dyeing 3 to 1,000 yards of almost any fabric, including polyester.

We get it right the first time. All dyeing is done with the understanding that every fabric is unique; we understand that any variation in hue can have huge implications for our customers, such as delayed or missed deliveries, which can also mean missed seasons.

We also understand the need for speed; that is why we operate seven days per week, with two shifts each day.

At Metro Dyeing, we do things a little differently than a traditional dyer. Now, don’t mistake that statement as us saying that we do not follow conventional technical dyeing procedures by the book - because we do - but we provide a multitude of fabric dyeing and garment dyeing services on knit and woven textiles. Traditional dye houses would be designed, engineered, and built to specialize in a specific type of fabric: knitted, woven, tubular, narrow, wide. Engineers would build out enormous textile mills employing hundreds of people to process a very specific type of fabric or textile.

There is an old saying in the industry: "no two dye houses are the same". Every fabric dyeing company is a little different; that is what makes the processes equally unique. Each dye house will consist of a dyeing department, finishing department, greige room, staging room, laboratory, inspection department, and of course, shipping and receiving department.

Now that we have covered the basics, we can explain why Metro Dyeing is in a class of its own and has become the premier fabric dyeing service. Metro Dyeing has equipment to dye knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, and piece goods. Our highly trained dye team has spanned the entire industry, working in all different types of dye houses including a variety of textile laboratories, from lab dip services to production dyeing. Bringing this team together with our vast variety of dyeing machines enables us to process far more types of fabrics than an ordinary dye house.

To learn more about our lab dip services and capabilities, feel free to use the contact us page on our website. We also provide garment and fabric washing services to the textile industry.

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