In total we have 34 dyeing machines.

Small yardage dyeing. 29 of our dyeing machines were meticulously designed, engineered, fabricated, and assembled in the United States. Custom-developed by our expert technical team, each machine is tailored to meet the precise requirements necessary to produce highly accurate color matches, catering to the most demanding sectors of the textile and fashion industries. Optimized for producing highly accurate color matches on 3-13 yards of fabric, these machines are also capable of generating precision-matched colors used as color standards. These standards are distributed by our customers to their mills worldwide, ensuring consistency and precision throughout their global supply chain.

Advanced Lab Dips and Color engineering. Our color laboratory is equipped with new technology to provide exceptional lab dips and engineering colors. We use the latest Datacolor Spectrophotometer, color match software, light booths, and launderometers to achieve precise and consistent color results.

High-Temperature/High-Pressure Jet Dyeing Machine. For achieving vibrant and deep colors on polyester fabrics, we utilize a high-temperature/high-pressure low liquor jet dyeing machine. This machine ensures brilliant color outcomes and superior fabric quality with full saturation of colors.

Large-Scale Fabric Dyeing: For large production fabric dyeing, our machines are capable of processing up to 3,000 yards of fabric. This capability allows us to handle large orders efficiently while maintaining top-quality dyeing standards.

Ultra Delicate Garment Dyeing Machines: Our facility includes both small capacity and large capacity ultra delicate garment dyeing machines. These machines are ergonomically designed for minimal water, dye, and energy consumption. They are equipped with semi-automated control systems and innovative technologies to replicate exact dye recipes, ensuring consistent results with every batch.

Knowing Our Customers
Fabric Dyeing


Stable Water is the Foundation of Our Colors. Municipal water is commonly treated with chlorine, chloramine, or chlorine dioxide to eliminate parasites, bacteria, and viruses. However, chlorine levels in municipal water fluctuate based on the time of year and water testing results, leading to instability that can affect precision color matching. Additionally, tiny grains of organic materials, known as sediment, can further compromise water consistency. To ensure precision and consistency in every color match, we filter and soften 100% of our water. Our factory utilizes state-of-the-art industrial water softeners and filters to remove chlorine, chloramine, and sediment from the water supply. Our technicians conduct thorough water testing three times daily—in the morning, afternoon, and evening—to maintain the highest standards of water quality. By employing this rigorous water treatment process, we guarantee that our colors are always precise and consistent, meeting the exacting standards of our customers. Experience the difference stable water makes in achieving the perfect color match.