In total we have 31 dyeing machines.

28 of our dyeing machines were designed, engineered, fabricated, and assembled in the united States. Each one of our machines was methodically developed by our technical team specifically for our customers needs, to satisfy the most critical segments of the textile and fashion industries. These machines were developed specifically for producing highly accurate color matches on 3-13 yards of fabric.

For lab dip color development our color laboratory is equipped with a new Datacolor Spectrophotometer, Color match software, light booths, and launderometers.

We also have a high temperature/high pressure low liquor jet dyeing machine for achieving bright and deep colors for dyeing polyester fabrics.

For large production fabric dyeing we have machines capable of dyeing up to 3,000 yards of fabric.

Small capacity and large capacity ultra delicate garment dyeing machines ergonomically designed for the lowest possible water, dye, and energy consumption. Equipped with semi-automated control systems and innovative technologies for exact dye recipe replication.


Stable water is the foundation of our colors. Municipal water is treated with chlorine, chloramine, or chlorine dioxide to kill parasites, bacteria, and viruses. Chlorine levels vary depending on the time of year and water testing results, which makes municipal water unstable for precision color matching. There are also tiny grains of organic materials in municipal water called sediment which affect water consistency.

We filter and soften one hundred percent of our water to ensure precision and consistency on every color match. Our factory is equipped with industrial water softeners and filters, and our technicians test the water three times daily in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Our commitment to the Enviroment:

One of the basic tenants of living in the world today is doing our part to protect the planet and mitigate climate change. We are proud to say we are doing our part. The energy that fuels our factory is generated by a hybrid of electric and gas boilers, with LOW carbon emission.

Our dyeing machines are all low liquor, which means our waste water is it at the lowest level possible.

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precision color matching services on textiles.

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