Beam Dyeing Information

The beam dyeing machine is suited to process a wide range of knitted and woven textiles. The fabric in open width is rolled on to a perforated beam, then subsequently loaded into a vessel that is closed and pressurized. The dye impregnates the fabric as the dye liquor is allowed to go on circulating through the perforations (holes) in the beam. Usually the beam dyeing machines are designed to hold a single beam.

The fabric is placed under controlled tension, and is wound on to a perforated beam. This results in the elimination of creases on the fabric.

The fabric is restricted to non movement during the dyeing process. This means that there is no mechanical application of action to the fabric, the actual dyeing process is motionless. The fabric remains stationary in the vessel as the pressure of the pump forces the dye liquor through the fabric roll. Beam dyeing machines can be found in commerica fabric dyeing company factories.