Fabric Sourcing Information

At Metro Dyeing we have combined our vast resources from around the world to provide fabric sourcing services. If you have a specific fabric that you need reproduced in small or large quantities (50 yards and up), we can reproduce your sample.

We routinely provide fabric sourcing services to leading apparel manufacturers in New York City. Our customers often come to us with last minute needs when they are short on yardage, asking us to produce an exact duplicate to complete their lines and meet production deadlines. We understand the stringent requirements of duplicating a sample: our team has the expertise, knowledge and resources to get the job done right, and on time.

We have relationships with knitting and weaving mills both domestically and overseas that can reproduce virtually any fabric produced. In addition to fabric sourcing capabilities, we can dye custom colors in our facility, or for larger quantities, we can dye and finish in a number of full production dye houses that we have alliances with. We can produce complete package, finished textiles specific to your hand and color requirements.

To learn more about our fabric sourcing capabilities, please call 212.391.1001