What kind of fabrics do you dye?

Our factory is equipped with modern technology enhanced machines for piece goods dyeing and garment dyeing. Our machines can dye a variety of natural and synthetic fabrics and blends including polyester. We work with both piece goods (rolls of fabric) and garments to deliver the exact color you need on a multitude of fabrics and fibers.

Do you have a laboratory?

Yes. Our climate controlled laboratory is equipped with a spectrophotometer, light booth, launderometer, and a crockmeter.

What industries do you serve?

Metro Dyeing works on a partner level with fashion brands from small to global, entertainment productions, art & design studios, and a variety of other creative entities.

Do you accept individual garments?

No. Metro Dyeing is a business-to-business company designed to serve the needs of small and large brands and retailers.

Can you dye polyester fabric?

Yes. We are the only fabric dyeing company serving New York City that has a high pressure / high temperature sample jet dyeing machine. Our jet dyeing machine uses a low liquor ratio from 1:5 to 1:15 and can reach temperatures of 284 degrees Fahrenheit in a controlled and stable environment. This enables us to produce fully saturated bright, neon, and dark colors on fibers such as polyester. Without a jet dyeing machine, the only way to achieve these colors on polyester fibers is to use a chemical called carrier. Carrier is harmful to the environment, requires the use of a respirator, and does not facilitate full saturation of the colors.

What is the turnaround time for dye work?

Our turnaround time typically ranges from 1 to 5 business days. However, it can vary depending on these factors:

  • Lab dips: If engineering lab dips for approval is requested, there will need to be an additional 1-3 business days factored in for the entire project to be completed. For example, 1 to 3 business days for lab dips and an additional 1 to 5 business days for bulk dyeing.
  • Quantity: Dyeing larger quantities of fabric or garments may take longer depending on our current work in queue. More accurate lead-times will be provided at the time the dye work is presented to Metro Dyeing.
  • Number of colors: Lead-time for projects requiring a high number of colors may vary based on several factors. Larger color palates involving extensive color engineering in the laboratory will likely require additional time based on the fiber, fabrication, depth of shades, brightness, and dE. requirements. Metro Dyeing has 29 machines designed specifically for producing color palettes and color cards, so turnaround times rarely extend beyond 3 to 5 business days.

As industry veterans we understand the critical importance of meeting deadlines and the consequences of missing them. For the most accurate turn-around time and pricing, please contact us with your project details. This allows us to assess your specific needs and provide an accurate lead-time.

Do you offer rush service?

Yes. we can accommodate rush orders! To determine if 24-hour rush service is available for your project, please contact us with details of your order.

Can I visit your factory?

Yes. We love to meet with our customers and show them all the unique characteristics of our factory. However, visits are by appointment only, so please work with your specialist at Metro Dyeing to schedule the appointment in advance.

Are you an environmentally conscious fabric dyeing company?

Yes. We understand the urgent need to raise the bar in the climate crisis and the impact our industry has on the environment. We are proud to say we are doing our part! The energy that fuels our factory is generated by a hybrid of electric and gas boilers, with LOW carbon emissions. We invest in clean technology dyeing machines that use technology rather than chemicals to achieve bright and dark colors on difficult fibers.

Our dyeing machines are all low liquor, which means our wastewater is at the lowest level possible. We are fully compliant with City, State, and Federal ordinances.

Metro Dyeing is the leading provider of
precision color matching services on textiles.

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