Fabric Dyeing Company

What is a fabric dyeing company? Almost every person in the world consumes and uses textiles in more ways than one just in their daily life. So why is it that the majority of people know so little about a key component of the textiles they are using, fabric dyeing? The fabric dyeing industry is a behind the scenes industry that encompasses the entire planet. When a textile is created by the knitting or weaving process, it must go through a dyeing process before it can be distributed to the markets which eventually end up in the hands of the consumer, typically via a retailer.

To dig in a little deeper, there are many different types of fabric dyeing companies. In fact, there is an old saying in the industry “no two dye houses are the same”. This is because textiles are in fact all different. Although they may share the same name and have to the eye identical appearances, they are actually all different. Typically, a dye house is built and designed to serve a very specific purpose. An example would be a fabric dyeing company that dyes cotton fabric will not be the same as a fabric dyeing company that dyes polyester fabric. And a fabric dyeing company that dyes knit cotton fabric will not be the same as one that dyes woven cotton fabric. The first dye house will have jet dyeing machines or atmospheric dye becks, while the second will have jig dyeing machines.

The chemistry and process will remain relatively the same regardless of the machines that are used to provide the fabric dyeing service.

Regardless of the process used by the fabric dyeing company, there will almost certainly be a stenter frame used to dry and finish the textiles.

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